Sunny Season is the fraternal twin of Denny Season,star of her own show Little Miss Negative,and is to join Sunny N Denny Ful.

Early Life Edit

There is not much information given about Sunny's before life.She is very negative despite her name.We know that she once was best friends with Rainee Cloudd,but their friendship split because of Sunny's negativity.

Family Edit

The only known family member of Sunny is her fraternal twin,Denny.Though her "brothers" have made appearances on Little Miss Negative,we are unaware of their names.un

Sunny has two cousins,Rena and James.No additional information is given.

Debeut of Little Miss Negative Edit

On July 26,2009,Sunny uploaded a video to Youtube.She revealed she is of 13 years of age,and she's wanted to critizize things.So,she hooked up her webcam and began making webisodes from her bedroom.

Tenth Webisode Edit

On Sunny's tenth webisode,she revealed she had a twin sister named Denny.She also said she was soon to move,and would start a new project with her fraternal twin Denny.

  • Friends and Enemies

Sunny has friends and enemies.Here are known enemies and friends of Sunny Season:

Friends: Edit

  • Maigen
  • Hippie David
  • Tofu

  • Denny Season(sister)
  • Allie Kreager
  • Allison Skepper

Enemies: Edit

  • Rainee Cloudd
  • The Teddy-bear stalker


Unknown: Edit

It is unknown if Lele,Denny's friend,supports Sunny or not.It is more likely that she would support Sunny,being the friend of her fraternal twin.

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